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GE researchers crack twin problems of CO2 pollution and solar batteries

In a significant breakthrough that could effectively make gas fired power plants more effective, at the very least, scientists have GE have capitalized on the company’s core strengths and have cracked the twin problems that have been plaguing the planet since decades. For the last couple of...

Battery recycling: “Second Life Project” addresses one of energy transition challenges

The concept of reuse of batteries is gaining popularity especially among car manufacturers. More and more car manufacturers are looking to increase life of batteries by reusing them after they lose their ability to drive cars but still retain significant power for stationary use.

Microsoft’s SQL Server can now run on Linux

A yet another instance of Microsoft warming up to the Linux community under Satya Nadella. It was unthinkable that software giant Microsoft under Steve Ballmer who equated Linux with cancer would openly court the open source crowd. Since then the tech giant has made some rather significant changes,...

USAF deploys exploit platform to shore up its defenses

In the wake of increased cyberattacks by foreign governments and agents, the USAF is taking steps to secure its operational striking capabilities in cyber space. Not one to take it lying down, the U.S Air Force's Space Command has now announced its latest cyber initiative, a cyber weapon dubbed as...

Energizer introduces recycle rechargeable batteries

Energizer makes first headway in its efforts to introduce more eco-friendly products in the market. In efforts that further the realms of reusability, battery manufacturing giant Energizer has broken fresh grounds with the first of its kind disposable batteries from their recycled counterparts....

Swiss researchers create stretchable circuits

This technology is likely to transform wearables and robotics in the near future. What does robots and smart clothing have in common – Swiss researchers. In an invention that will create electronic circuits which can be stretched almost four times their original length in any given direction, Swiss...

Israeli startup the dark horse in the race to provide global internet coverage

Israel, the global capital of successful startups, has come up with a solution for cheap access to the internet worldwide. It could revolutionize satellite communication technology, provide cheap access to the internet to the remotest corners of the world. The next 18 months will be crucial for the...

CowTech’s $99 3D Scanner can captures small objects in 2-8 minutes

Open source DIY lovers are going to dig this. With 3D printing being the rage in today’s cutting edge manufacturing process, the increase interest in 3D scanners is a matter of only a logical conclusion. CowTech has proven that you do not have to sell your heart and kidney to one. CowTech has...

Volvo Plans to Reduce Its Cars' Collision Rate to Zero

Volvo Car Group promises to ensure that none of its new cars will get in an accident with fatalities by 2020. To fulfill the promise, the company is carrying out a large-scale experiment with the use of "cloud" technologies and predictive analytics based on the self-driving model Volvo XC90.

Google Cars Are Equated To Human Drivers

US regulators admitted that artificial intelligence helping the Google cars travel by their, own may be considered as a driver from the legislation’s point of view. Experts believe that this solution should significantly speed up the finalization of self-driving cars and such vehicles come out on the US roads.

Sustainable Fashion Trend Of Europe At A Glance

The drive towards sustainability and green economy has taken the textile industry by root, whereby many countries are introducing sustainable approach to textile business industry.
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