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Energizer introduces recycle rechargeable batteries

Energizer makes first headway in its efforts to introduce more eco-friendly products in the market.

In efforts that further the realms of reusability, battery manufacturing giant Energizer has broken fresh grounds with the first of its kind disposable batteries from their recycled counterparts. This naturally raises the next logical question of what about their rechargeable cousins?
Well, as of today, they are here. Energizer has now introduced new rechargeable AA and AAA batteries made from their former selves.
The company has disclosed that 4% of the new rechargeable batteries are sourced from used power packs, including those from hybrid cars. This means the Toyota Prius that you own today could one day potentially power a kid’s toy.
Although the current reusability of 4% is a far cry from Energizer’s goal of manufacturing batteries which source 40% of their parts from recycled materials by 2025, it nevertheless is a start in the right direction.
However, keeping the concept of materiality in mind since reusing batteries from your wireless mouse does not make any material impact on the health of the planet, regardless being more ecologically conscious is certainly a step in the right direction.
Anything that helps fight e-waste and excessive mining is contributing, in its small way, in saving our precious planet.

Debashish Mukherjee

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