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Researchers can pin point terrorists from their V signs

Researchers have developed a technique by which they can, in some instance by more than 90%, identify terrorists from the V sign they make in their propaganda videos.

Terrorists who think covering themselves from head to toe will help them from getting caught by law enforcement agencies, are in for a rude shock as their identities can still be known, resulting in a police bust or drone strike.
Researchers have created a biometric identification technique that can zero in on people from the V sign they make with their hands. By measuring finger points, along with the gap between them and the two points in the palm, scientists have been successful in identifying a person even when no other data and other telltale signs pertaining to that person is provided.
In some instances the researchers have managed to identify with more than 90% accuracy.
Although the technique is in its infancy and needs reference material to confirm a given identity, the researchers are exploring to see the results of scaling up their experiments and if their test data holds up when dealing with large groups.
 Presently if a suspect wears gloves and if the person’s weight undergoes changes, accuracy is affected.
 Once the system is improved upon, law enforcement agencies will be able to use image recognition systems to more accurately pinpoint terrorists from their propaganda videos in order to deal with them later.

Debashish Mukherjee

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