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Oil Industry has to innovate in order to survive

The oil lobby has for long mocked and called Climate Change a hoax. Unfortunately the reality of the situation has caught up with it. Unless the oil industry innovates, it will be wiped out regardless of its argument that the developing world needs cheap energy. The survival of our very species is...

Why Today Looks Like a Threshold of the Great Depression

Senior economist of the Bank for International Settlements Claudio Borio in his work compared the current situation with the 1929-1930 biennium. Mr. Borio came to a disappointing conclusion: there are too many similarities between these two historical moments.

The Largest Military Exporters in the World

Leaders of arms exports for 2011-2015 were the United States, Russia, China, France and Germany. They had 74% of the supply of arms in the world. Compared with the years 2006-2010, top 5 exporters increased their arms sales by 15%. Also, the supply of arms has significantly increased from China’s side. The last five years, China occupied sixth position in the ranking of arms merchants, but now Beijing has managed to overtake France, Germany and the UK taking third place, right behind the leaders - the US and Russia. Because of this, London has been relegated to sixth place.
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