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China's Lucrative Market Being Targeted By Chilean Honey Producers

China's Lucrative Market Being Targeted By Chilean Honey Producers
Chilean honey producers are now eyeing China as an export market. In a first of its kind,  Terra Andes is the first honey producer from the country to apply for export certification to China. According to local experts, this development was "goods news" for the entire gamut of homey producers of Chile.
The consumer market of China is very lucrative to any exporter because of the huge population of more than 1.3 billion people.
"The quality of our Chilean honey is very good, and we have noticed that in China, the public is very focused on that," said Juan Pablo Molina, founder of JPM Exports, which is Chile's leading bulk exporter of honey and is the owner of the Terra Andes brand.
The company has been in business for more than 33 years while Molina was on a trip to Chile and developed a close relationship with the country.
The company is now the owner of the most sophisticated honey processing factory in the entire Latin America.
"We have been working for four years towards being able to sell to China. We are now close to achieving that since we have been visited by Chinese sanitary officials that evaluate sanitary protocols," said Molina to a Chinese media.
In April of 2017, a delegation from China had visited Chile to inspect the unit of the company in Paine which is a large agricultural city near Chile's capital Santiago. Molina is hoping to get the sanitary permit by early 2019.
A team of executives and representative of Terra Andes paid a visit to china a few months ago to hold meetings with potential customers in the country which included a handful of supermarket chains who are interested in selling their product. If the deal goes through, the company plans to ship about 4,000 tons of honey, bottled "at the source and with a variety of flavors."
Despite being a brand that is just about a tear old, the Terra Andes brand has gained popularity in Chile and has got obtained Chile's "Country Brand" seal which designates it as a product that is of export quality.
JPM Exports, another firm that coordinates with more than 600 beekeepers throughout Chile, starting from the northern city of La Serena to the Chile archipelago off the south-central coast and it offers "a very extensive and representative sampling of different geographies," said the company.
Terra Andes is also ready an exporter of its honey to the United States and Canada. Its export destinations also include countries in Asia such as Thailand and Malaysia. The company is also scheduled to begin exporting its honey to Japan and Singapore.
The company said that the issue of exporting honey China is almost assured and shipments would begin as soon as a clearance is given by sanitary officials – which is the last stage for a company in getting the export certification for exporting food products into China.
9,000 tons of honey was produced in Chile in 2017 of which about 80 per cent was exported primarily to markets in the European Union. Germany is the leading importer of Chilean honey in the Europe.

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