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Despite National Team's Absence, Israeli Companies Leave Impact At Football World Cup

Despite National Team's Absence, Israeli Companies Leave Impact At Football World Cup
While its national football team has no role to play in the ongoing football World Cup in Russia, one of the companies from the country is playing an important role in the tournament that is amongst the most widely watched sports even tr in the world. That company is Mtech Israeli and employees in its factory in Matael is closely related to the World Cup
A Hebrew language newspaper called Yedioth Aharonot Daily Newspaper has revealed details of the activities of the company in Russian stadiums this week.
The company is engaged in the business of designing and development of low-voltage systems which include the likes that are used in fire detection and extinguishing of fires and integrated safety systems. The factory of the company is situated at a Kibbutz which is a unique Israeli collective type of settlement in the Jezreel Valley situated in the northern part of the country.
The fire and smoke detection systems manufactured and delivered by Matael to the huge stadiums in the Russian cities of Volgograd and Nizhny Novograd is helping in ensuring the safety and security of hundreds of thousands of spectators during football matches. It was reported that the deal was worth $2 million. 
"Since 2006, we have been trying to market ourselves to the Russian market," said Haim Kaplan, owner of the Group.
"12 years ago, we had a breakthrough as we developed control systems as part of the building safety system, providing complete control and viewing of a smoke and fire event and achieving control in seconds. Two years ago, we signed contracts with these two stadiums and established a control and observation system."
This Israeli company is a leader in the industry and the products manufactured by it can be found installed in many buildings including residential buildings, hotels, commercial centers, factories, academic institutions and even in sports buildings. This is the first time that the company has got the opportunity to install security systems in world stadiums.
"This is a great achievement, the highlight is our graphic software, which presents all the fire and smoke data in the stadiums," added CEO Yair Gindin.
"As a small company from the valley, we managed to win prestigious budgets like that of the World Cup, which is a win that will pave the way for us in the face of other international tenders," Kaplan concluded.
Also participating in the World Cup is another Israeli company LiveU which is based in the city of Kfar Saba. The company develops devices and technology which help in the live transmission of matches over cellular networks and those devices is being used by broadcast crews of channels and broadcast networks from around the world.
300 transmission units have been deployed by the company according to its reports which is the largest number of devices that have been provided by the company for a sporting event.

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