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iPhone XR, XS Could Get Cheaper In India As Apple Could Make Them Locally: Reports

iPhone XR, XS Could Get Cheaper In India As Apple Could Make Them Locally: Reports
According to media reports in India quoting sources, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR would be assembled soon in India by Foxconn.
The reports also stated that manufacturing of the iPhone X which could also be manufactured by Apple in India.
Till now, the US tech giant has imported most of the iPhones and other gadgets that its sells in the Indian market.
The exorbitant price of the iPhone X had baffled a lot of people when the handset was launched by Apple last year. Most people did not have the money to purchase the iPhone X in India and the only ones that were affordable for the Indian consumers were the older iPhone 8 models. The price was even higher for the 2018's iPhone XS range with a base version of the model starting at more than Rs 1 lakh ($1500). Even the budget version of the iPhone XR, with a starting price of about Rs 77,000 ($1180) was oput of range for most Indian consumers. This forced most Indian consumers to opt for the older iPhone models. This has not allowed Apple to gain further market share in the fastest growing smartphone market in the world and hence plans to bring down the price of its top models somewhat for the Indian market.
A new report published in The Economic Times in India, production of its premium iPhone models is being planned to be started by Apple in India. The report quoted sources saying that the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR models could be manufactured in India by Apple in partnership with Foxconn. The report also stated that the 2017 iPhone X could ultimately be manufactured in India by Apple, as well as make it available at a lower price than the amount the model cost when it was introduced in India last year.
The Sriperumbudur plant in Tamil Nadu of Foxconn will be used by the company for manufacturing the new iPhones, the report also mentions. According to a report by Reuters some time back, to accommodate the manufacturing in the new plant, Foxconn will invest 25 billion Rupees in the Sriperumbudur plant's expansion by Foxconn according to Tamil Nadu's Industries Minister M C Sampath. Foxconn already manufactures smartphones for China's Xiaomi in India.
The business strategy of Apple of importing its flagship iPhones in the Indian market has also increased the prices of the newer models of the iPhones. Earlier, Wistron's Bangalore facility was used by Apple for local manufacturing of the 2016's iPhone SE and later also started manufacturing the iPhone 6S to the locally made iPhones. The consumers would be the ultimate beneficiaries of the ultimate lower costs because of the local manufacturing.
Apple will give itself a better chance at reducing the prices for its flagship handsets because of the new manufacturing facility in India. That would help Apple to potentially generate more market share by increased sale in the 1.3 billion Indian market.

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