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Seaborne pirates hack shipping firm to further streamline their operations

A Verizon security report sheds light on the growing technical expertise of pirates. In what could send a chill on our collective spine, seaborne pirates who are probably not as nice as Jack Sparrow, are now getting increasingly tech savvy.   Borrowing a page from their land-based cousins,...

India Extends Financial Assistance Towards Fiji

In an attempt to help a devastated island country, India declares an amount of USD one million”.

Study Finds Split in Britain’s Small Business Over Brexit

It can be said that there is all to play for during the four months until the referendum in June on the question of staying on or moving away from the EU if the attitude of the small businesses towards the question is taken into account. However many firms have yet to make up their mind whether or not to vote for a British exit (Brexit) from the EU.
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