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With Plummeting Downloads, Android App Being Launched By Clubhouse

With Plummeting Downloads, Android App Being Launched By Clubhouse
The live audio app Clubhouse is potentially planning to make a big expansion of its market as it announced the introduction of a test version of its app to Google's Android users in the United States on Sunday.  
Early this year, CEO of the United States based electric car maker Tesla Elon Musk and others appeared in audio chats of the app which helped the app to become quite popular in various parts of the world. Other much larger and more popular social media platforms including Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc as well as some startups have also attempted to copy the features of the app.
Till now, the app was only accessible to owners of Apple devices and people can only access the app through invitation. Om other markets such as in China and some other markets, there was so much demand for invitation for this app that they were auctioned off on online marketplaces.
However since then, there has been a significant drop in the number of downloads of the app which is considered to be a measure of popularity. Following a record number of 9.6 million downloads of the app in February this year, the downloads of the app have since dropped to about 2.7 million in March and then to only about 900,000 downloads in April, according to data available from Sensor Tower.
Questions have arisen about the long term viability of the app because of the dramatic fall in the number of downloads and some are wondering whether people to people spending more time at home during the pandemic was partly responsible for the spoke in the app’s downloads.
However with the company now deciding to launch the on Android powered smartphones, which was long anticipated, the app will have the chance of reaching out to a large number of new users globally. In the days and weeks after the US market beta launch of the app, the Android version is expected to first be launched in other English speaking markets and later on in the rest of the globe.
For Clubhouse however, it now faces competition from the likes of Facebook, the largest social media company of the world, even though Clubhouse actually created this category. IN April this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the platform launching a number of audio products, including the Clubhouse style live audio rooms, as well as a way for users to find and play podcasts.
Roll out of a new feature on Twitter was announced in January that allows users to charge for admission into their live audio chat rooms in its "Spaces" feature as a part of the strategy of the company to attract more content creators to the platform. It has been made available to Android users since March.

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