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With Increasing ‘Cvoid-19 Fatigue’, Safety Checks To Be Conducted In US By McDonald's And Franchisees

With Increasing ‘Cvoid-19 Fatigue’, Safety Checks To Be Conducted In US By  McDonald's And Franchisees
With a renewed surge in novel coronavirus infections in the United States and amidst the setting of "COVID fatigue" among the population, fast food chain McDonald's Corp will inspect all its restaurants in the country to make sure that the safety standards and protocols to prevent the spread of the disease are maintained, claimed reports quoting information from an internal note of the company.
"It is apparent we are entering what many predicted would be the most difficult period of the pandemic," said the note which was sent from McDonald's Chief Field Officer Charlie Strong and two US franchisees who lead internal relations with the corporation.
The note said that the company had partnered with the franchisees to develop the so-called "safety reaffirmation visits" and the company plans to conclude the visits and the examinations by December 31. The note also said follow-up visits where necessary may also be conducted by the company, claimed reports. 
McDonald's said that it will also examine those stores that are owned and operated by the company.
There have been widespread changes to the manner in which business is conducted by the restaurant industry because of the pandemic as many of the restaurants have started to depend more on drive-thru, carry-out and delivery modes of business instead of eating at the restaurant.
With the wide spread implementation of restrictions because of the pandemic, sales at most restaurants in the US had plunged in April. However since then, there has been a recovery in most of the big restaurant chains, including at McDonald's.
In the note, it has also been urged by the McDonald's owners to make sure that equipment that allows customers to use credit cards which eliminates the need to hand them to cashiers should be installed at drive-thrus and the employees inside the stores should be kept separated by protective panels when it is not possible to main social distancing.
Industry roundtables to share key lessons learned would soon be convened by the global burger chain, said McDonald's USA President Joe Erlinger in a separate blog post on Friday.
"McDonald's success - just like the success of Walmart, Apple, Starbucks, or any other U.S.-based business - depends on all of us getting back to some version of normal as quickly as possible," he wrote in the blog.

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