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With An Eye On Growth In Europe, Google To Open Up Cloud Hub In Poland

With An Eye On Growth In Europe, Google To Open Up Cloud Hub In Poland
With an eye to tap into the growing sale opportunities for cloud computing all across Europe, the United States based search engine giant Google is going to set up a new cloud computing hub in Poland, the company announced on Friday.
This announcement also is reflective of the aim the Google has for its cloud based computing business and the scope for its expansion – both sale and infrastructure, across the entire European region.
Europe is a “big area of focus” for the business of cloud computing for Google, said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud CEO, in an interview to a television channel. “We’re actually growing faster in terms of people, customers, revenue here than in any other part of the world,” Kurian said.
There are 2o could regions across the world, including six in Europe, that Google Cloud currently operates in. The announced setting up of the new cloud hub in Warsaw, Poland is aimed to cater to the cloud computing services demands of customers residing in the Central and Eastern Europe, the company said on Friday while making the announcement.
Technically, a cloud region is comprised of a number elements, that helps in offering cloud computing services, which includes infrastructure such as data centers. The basic services offered to customers, both businesses and retail individuals, through cloud computing services by tech companies is to allow them to store and access data, apps and software over the internet, all of which is done in servers that are remotely located instead of doing the activities locally or on a in-house hard drive or server.
Google has plans to invest $3.3 billion to expand its European data centers over the next two years, said Google CEO Sundar Pichai last week.
Kurian, who has been heading the cloud computing business of Google for about a year now, also said that the company is “very very confident” about the prospects of its cloud business unit all across Europe. He noted that there was “enormous consumer demand” for cloud services in a number of sectors in the region such as banking. He also added that the central banks of the region also view cloud computing as an “enabler rather than a source of risk.”
“People here in Europe are really beginning to adopt cloud,” he said. “At some point there was reluctance to adopt cloud. I think now they see the value that cloud can deliver.”
The two companies that are the leaders in the global cloud computing services industry are Amazon and Microsoft and both the companies have made huge investments in expanding their infrastructure for their cloud computing businesses in Europe. On the other hand, China’s Alibaba, another tech giant offering cloud computing services to customers has set up new data centers in the U.K. and Germany.
According to research from IDC, Western Europe represents one-fifth of the global cloud market.

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