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Walmart Will Deliver Food To Customer’s Fridge In The US

Walmart Will Deliver Food To Customer’s Fridge In The US
The largest retailer of the world Walmart would now deliver food directly into the fridges of customers under its new program that is being called InHome Delivery. Under this new service, the a representative of the retailer would place food products purchased directly in the fridge of its customers even if the customers are not at home.
Initially this service by the largest U.S. grocer, which notched up revenues of $184.2 billion in 2018, would be made available to customers in Kansas City, Mo., Pittsburgh, and Vero Beach, Fla., in the fall, and the company plans to expand this service later to other markets as well.
The delivery according to this scheme can be done even if the customer is not at home. Customers can choose a date of delivery during the online ordering process – which can be as early as the next day. Following this, a representative of the company would enter the home of the customer using smart entry technologies which would involve a body camera to enable the customers to remotely direct the delivery into the fridge at home when the customer is not home.
Serial tech entrepreneur Bart Stein, who joined Walmart in February, has led this new service initiative that has been internally code named “Project Franklin”. This project of in-home delivery was first announced by Walmart about two years ago. While the company had initially planned to outsource this service of in-home deliveries to Deliv, Walmart has now decided to only deploy its own employees who would be employed to this service only.
This service launch is the latest measure undertaken by Walmart in its rivalry with the largest e-commerce platform of the world which is also slowly moving into grocery segment. While moved in to the physical retailing space with the acquisition of WholeFood, Wlamart too has been beefing up its online platform. A growth of 37 per cent for its US e-commerce business in the most recent quarter was reported by Wlamart. This is now the focus of the company in its rivalry against According to eMarketer, the overall e-commerce revenue for in the US is currently about eight times greater than Walmart’s. However the thousand of physical stores of Walmart provide the company on edge in service to because they serve as nodes in a network for grocery delivery which is not present for
In the US customers of Walmart can pick up grocery ordered online from more than 3,100 stores of Walmart and the company said that by the end of the current year, about 1600 more such nodal stores for [pick up online orders would be opened in the US market. Despite this, still towers over Walmart in overall merchandise. And as a consequence, a new one day free home delivery on many items for orders over $35 was announced last month for some markets in the US by Walmart, in an effort to rival the speed of delivery of .

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