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Voxelus creates a platform for virtual reality games

The new YouTube with a twist, instead of videos, you get VR games.

Imagine creating a virtual reality game without having to key-in a single line of code. This isn’t a vision of a company, this is a creation of Voxelus. Already many users, including a 9 year old, have created virtual reality experiences that are captivating and enthralling.
As per Martin Repetto, Voxelus’ CEO, the idea behind creating this platform is to allow just about anyone to create, share and play their games. The Minecraft-like world can be explored and steered through a Gear VR headset.
The company, launched last year at the Oculus Connect 2 conference, clearly has just one goal in mind: let anyone, young or old, programmer or newbie, create virtual reality games, without having to go through the learning curve of learning any kind of programming. Essentially, it wants to be the YouTube equivalent for virtual reality games.
In this year’s GDC, Voxelus is already expanding having found a missing piece of a puzzle in the company’s ecosystem. It now offers a marketplace.
Its software is already available for free download for both MAC and PC, giving us consumers an open hand at creating virtual reality games as wild as our imagination. Voxelus has also taken care to ensure that the games once created will be platform independent – it will run on both MAC and PC. The game creators will not have the hassle of maintain two versions.
Given its Minecraft-like appearance, Repetto clarified that the VR games do not have Minecraft for inspiration. In fact, Repetto went on to highlight Microsoft’s open-world title.
Whereas "Minecraft controls the aesthetics, [with] Voxelus you can go above and beyond," clarified Repetto.
Creating the VR world is as easy as drag and drop within a sandbox. He went on to state that the idea is to "have a sandbox with a meaning."
Already more than 400 worlds have been created using Voxelus, including multiplayer ones, said Repetto.
Given the fact that Voxelus does not charge for it software, the way to generate the mulla is through the newly announced marketplace. The marketplace in its VR world has its own cryptocurrency.  Creators can browse through 7,000 VR assets, including castles, trees, bridges, spaceships, teleporters, etc and purchase them as per their requirements.
 Describing Voxelus as similar to Clash of Clans  for the virtual reality world, Repetto says he doesn’t intend that games in this platform will compete against the AAA’s of the industry.
"[We] just want to make something for people to play and have fun," said Repetto.

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