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Upcoming energy efficient technologies

Here’s the weekly capsule that captures upcoming green technologies.

Can you imagine installing solar panels by rolling them out, as you would do with a carpet? Roll-Array promises exactly that. Their flexible solar power system can be setup in two minutes flat.
Talking of solar power systems, if you are in the market for a house do check out Deltec’s solar powered prefab homes, which start at under $100,000. For more adventurous minded folks who prefer living off grid,  there is an amazing teardrop trailer featuring roof mounted photovoltaics, that is worth the mulla.
Speaking of building technology, Boeing has just introduced a self-cleaning airplane bathroom that uses UV light to obliterate the creepy crawlies.
Where do you think personal transportation technology is headed? If you were to ask BMW that question, it would show you its shape shifting car jammed with technological goodies, including artificial intelligence and autonomous technology that can take to the skies. Currently the Tesla Model S is the hottest zero emission car in the market. Ironically, a Singaporean man has been slapped with $15,000 carbon emission fine for importing one. It turns out Singapore tracks the source of the energy used to charge electric cars. By reading that if you decided to emigrate from Singapore, try Norway. The country has allocated $1 billion so as to build superhighways for bicycles.
The future of transportation technology is certainly looking up. Already there is a plan to bring about a working Hyperloop that connects three European cities.
In other tech news, Las Vegas has finally decided to go green and will be upgrading all its lights to solar powered LED lamps. I wonder what would happen if Las Vegas were to observe the Earth Hour.

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