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Uber Will Allow Employees To Work Up To Half Their Time From Anywhere

Uber Will Allow Employees To Work Up To Half Their Time From Anywhere
The United States based global ride hailing company Uber Technologies Inc has planned a revamped strategy for its staff to return to office according to which the company will allow its employees to work half their hours from wherever they want to.
This new strategy is planned to be announced soon by the transport app company very soon, claimed reports citing information from sources familiar with the issue.
According to the plans of the company, those employees working in offices will be directed to spend at least 50 per cent of their work time in the offices. This measure is one of the most flexible return to office policies offered as yet by a big US tech company with the easing of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and lowering of fresh infections.
However reports said that the new policy of Uber is different from those that are being employed by many other companies and does not mean that the company employees would have to spend three days every week in the office. Instead, employees can choose to work at the office for 5 days a week and none the next week.
This new policy is completely opposite to the stand of the company which it had announced in April this year when it had said that starting September this year, its "employees can work from home up to two days a week, but with a clear expectation that they also come into the office three days a week."
The company has also not stressed on remote workers having to necessarily work from their homes but can instead work while they are with their families or even form more exotic locations. Reports quoted sources saying that the company will encourage remote working employees to try to work away from their regular home for four weeks a year.
Uber also is expected to announce that it would allow more of its employees to start ot work from home or remotely all the time. The details of this plan of Uber were first reported by the online news outlet Insider on Monday.

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