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Uber To Use All Electric Vehicles In London By 2025

Uber To Use All Electric Vehicles In London By 2025
All of the cars that would be used through the app of the ride hailing company Uber in London would be electric cars by 2025, said the US firm on Tuesday.
This was announced by the CEO of the company Dara Khosrowshahi along with an announcement of a $260m Clean Air Plan during his visit to London which is a reflection of the company’s support for the efforts of the city administration to make the British capital healthier. The money to implement the plan will come from a levy on passenger fees.
Uber has undertaken serious measures to clean its image in London and the UK since the company was denied renewal of its operational license by the transport regulator of London in September 2017. There was some respite for the company following a court order in June which granted a provisional or probationary license to the company to operate in London for the next 15 months. That order helped the company to showcase its commitment to conform by the rules of the transport regulator of the city.
"The Mayor of London has set out a bold vision to tackle air pollution in the capital and we're determined to do everything we can to back it," said Khosrowshahi in a statement.
According to the new plans Uber, it s customers would have to shell out some more in fares in London because of a "clean air fee" of 15 pence per mile addition to the current fares./ this additional money would be used to help drivers and car owners to upgrade to electric vehicles. The company said that all of the drivers and car owners who are associated with Uber in London would be extended help to upgrade through financial assistance. However the amount of money that would be doled out would depend on the number of years they have been associated with the company and the distance that they have covered using Uber’s app.
In order to provide better energy options for drivers, Uber is also coordinating with home charge companies and ChargePoint, the company said. Uber is also holding deliberations with electric vehicle suppliers. The company said that iut expects that there would be conversion of the first 20000 cars in its fleet by 2021/ and it would be bale to go complete electric in the next four years.
Meanwhile, the US based firm also confirmed that its plans for floating launching Initial Public Offer next year was on track. The company made this statement in reference to a question about the fate of Saudi investment in the company following the controversy regarding the murder of the veteran journalist Khashoggi. Khosrowshahi said he needed initially to know what happened.
“First we want to get the facts and we will make that determination about how we go forward, how we raise money going forward, what our post-IPO board make-up is,” he told reporters.

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