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Uber Compensates US Drivers To Use Alternate Forms Of Transportation For A Period Of Five Weeks

Uber Compensates US Drivers To Use Alternate Forms Of Transportation For A Period Of Five Weeks
In an attempt to increase business and contribute to emissions reduction, Uber said on Thursday that it will provide $1,000 in credits to certain commuters in the United States and Canada who give up driving for five weeks in favour of public transportation and other options.
For a number of years, the operator of a food delivery and ride-hailing platform has advocated for the use of environmentally friendly electric cars and has committed $800 million to help its driver partners make the switch to EVs completely by 2040.
Although it is unclear how many EVs now make up its whole fleet, it has teamed with rental vehicle firm Hertz to provide Tesla cars as a rental option for its drivers in the U.S. and Europe.
Uber will choose up to 175 car owners in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Miami, San Francisco, Toronto, and Vancouver for the five-week programme starting on July 22 as part of the "One Less Car" campaign, subject to certain qualifying requirements.
They will get $300 to be used on other means including public transport, a $200 voucher for carsharing or rental car services, and $500 in credit that can be used on the Uber app.
Uber's equivalent programme in Australia the previous year revealed that commuters who gave up their automobiles mostly turned to walking, cycling, and ride-sharing.
The decision was made because transportation providers, such as well-known American airlines, anticipate high summertime travel and tourism.
Reports citing information from sources claim that wide-bodied 777 and 787 aircraft will begin arriving at customers' destinations in a matter of days.
There are 233 million private automobiles in the United States, of which 80 million are driven less than 10 miles a day on average, according to Uber.

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