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US Units Honda Motor To Settle Takata Air Bags Provesin US For $85 Million

US Units Honda Motor To Settle Takata Air Bags Provesin US For $85 Million
Japanese car manufacturer Honda Motor Co. will settle an investigation by most states of the United States into the use of defective Takata airbag inflators in its vehicles. According to reports citing a consent order made public Tuesday, several units of the Japnese firm will settle the cases for a total settlement amount of $85 million.
The investigations being conducted by the states relates to the company that is still recalling tens of millions of its vehicles that had been fitted with potentially defective Takata inflators and were sold to consumers by Honda and some of the other  major auto manufacturers within the last 20 years.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the US, car manufacturers have recalled more than 40 million vehicles in the US till data that were fitted with more than 60 million Takata air bags that could have been defective. It has been charged that these faulty air bags could explode when they are deployed and thus can be hazardous for drivers and riders.
All across the world, there have been deaths of at least 25 people and nearly 300 injuries that have been linked directly to the faulty Takata air bags.
About 100 million inflators among 19 major automakers, including Honda, have been so far recalled by Takata globally.
Honda had announced in January that it would recall a further 2.7 million older US vehicles in North America that contained the potentially defective and fatal Takata inflators. All of the models and variants of the Honda and Acura automobiles that had been manufactured and sold by the company between 1996 through 2003 are included in that recall.
It had knowledge of one incident of field rupture of an inflator in the new recall campaign which was in a 2012 crash in Texas that resulted in an injury and two others in junk yards in Japan, Honda said.
An announcement of upgrading of their product safety procedures related to frontal airbags, including measures to reduce the risk of rupture of their inflators was made in the settlement statement on Tuesday by American Honda Motor Co. and Honda of America.
While agreeing to the settlement consent order, the Honda affiliates did not admit any wrongdoing on their part and the Japanese automaker said that the settlement was being made to avoid the cost of further litigation. The settlement order has to be approved by courts.
Confirmation of the company reaching civil settlements with 46 US states, Washington, D.C. and three U.S. territories on the issue of the Takata air bags was given by Honda.
Almost as many as 13 million US vehicles that had been fitted with Takata inflators have been recalled by Honda since 2008 and the company has replaced more than 16 million inflators in all those vehicles.
According to the consent order, since December 2015, Honda’s use of Takata airbags was being investigated by a multistate group of attorneys general.

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