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US Says UK Using Huawei In 5G Is ‘Madness’

US Says UK Using Huawei In 5G Is ‘Madness’
If the United Kingdom government decides to use the equipment and technology from the Chinese tech giant Huawei for its 5G network, it "would be madness", the united States has said.
New evidence of its claims of the possible treats posed by the use of technology and equipment of the Chinese company was presented to the UK by a US delegation recently.  The US delegation was led by the country’s deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger who met with the UK ministers in London.
It has also been reported that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will also be urged by US president Donald Trump not to include Huawei in UK’s 5G networks,
A decision on whether to include Huawei in some of the "non-core" parts for the 5G network in the UK is expected to be taken later this month.
According to reports, new technical information that were in contrast to the technical assessment of Huawei’s threats made by British intelligence agencies were presented in the form of a dossier by senior US officials to their UK counterparts. The UK’s security threat assessment posed by Huawei’s technologies concluded that it would be possible to include equipment and technologies of Huawei without any significant threat to the national security of the country.
There were no comments available on the issue by the US delegation. 
According to analysts, this latest move by the US is a means of increasing pressure on the UK, as well as on other allies, to ban Huawei as a number of the allied countries get ready develop and construct 5G mobile connectivity networks.
Huawie and 68 affiliated companies were put o the so called list of entities of the US Commerce Department last year because of national security concerns which effectively prevented the Chinese company form doping any business with American companies except for exceptional cases. 
Earlier, the US had also issued warning to its allies that it would conduct a review of the intelligence its shares with them if they used Huawie in their 5G networks. However, according to comments from the UK, any such review of intelligence sharing by the US will not result in change in behavior to any significant degree.
There are "no reason to think" that the intelligence-sharing relationship that the UK has with the US would suffer any adverse effect if Huawie was allowed to be part of the country’s 5G network, the head of MI5, Andrew Parker, told the Financial Times.
"We are a private company which has supplied 3G, 4G and broadband equipment to the UK's telecoms companies for 15 years. British experts are clear our technology does not pose a security risk," said a Huawei spokesperson.
"The security and resilience of the UK's telecoms networks is of paramount importance. The government continues to consider its position on high risk vendors and a decision will be made in due course," a government spokesperson told the media.

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