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US Could Soon Release A List Of Chinese Chip Manufacturers Prohibited From Obtaining Technology

US Could Soon Release A List Of Chinese Chip Manufacturers Prohibited From Obtaining Technology
The US is compiling a list of sophisticated Chinese chip manufacturing facilities that are prohibited from obtaining critical supplies, according to reports quoting information from sources. This list is intended to assist businesses in limiting the transfer of technology to China.
According to one of the persons, the list might be made public in the upcoming months.
In 2022, the Department of Commerce prohibited American businesses from exporting machinery to Chinese manufacturers of sophisticated semiconductors, as the United States aims to severely restrict Beijing's technical advancements due to national security concerns.
However, businesses claim it is challenging to identify which Chinese firms make cutting-edge chips, and they have long pushed the department of commerce to release a list.
By making it simpler for American companies to comply with limitations, the initiative demonstrates that the US is making a concerted effort to reinforce its current chip restrictions on China.
The Department of Commerce chose not to respond.
The United States should "stop overstretching the concept of national security and abusing the state power to suppress Chinese companies," according to a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington.
This week at the annual export controls conference in Washington, DC, U.S. officials responded to pleas from businesses for a list.
Speaking on a panel, one official stated, "People are like, 'Please, just tell us which are these advanced that you really care about.'"
"It’s probably not going to be an exhaustive listing, if we can do that. But the more that we can help identify what are these facilities that we have a concern with, hopefully that’s going to help," the official added.

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