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US Adds Dozens More Chinese Companies To Its Blacklist

US Adds Dozens More Chinese Companies To Its Blacklist
33 more Chinese companies and entities will be added by the United States to the so called blacklist of the Department of Commerce over allegations that those firms and institutions were engaged in aiding the Chinese government to spy on the Uighur population of China or were involved in any way to weapons of mass destruction and China's military, the US administration announced on Friday.
This effort is the latest in a series of efforts by the Trump administration to clamp down on Chinese firms whose products and goods could have been used by for helping in Chinese military activities as well as a means to respond to Beijing’s treatment of its Muslim minorities. This move by the Trump administration also coincided with the moves by China to implement a plan of imposing impose national security laws on Hong Kong.
The US Commerce Department said in a statement that seven companies and two institutions were included in the clack list for allegedly being "complicit in human rights violations and abuses committed in China's campaign of repression, mass arbitrary detention, forced labor and high-technology surveillance against Uighurs" and others.
The US department said in another statement that the list also included about two dozen other companies, government institutions and commercial organizations that had allegedly been involved in supporting procurement of goods that were used by the Chinese military.
Most of the companies that were included in the latest black list were focused on the area of artificial intelligence and facial recognition and this is the market that US chip companies such as Nvidia Corp and Intel Corp have been heavily investing in.
NetPosa, one of China's most famous AI companies, is one of the companies included in the list, and the US said that the facial recognition subsidiary of the company was directly related to the surveillance of Muslims in China.
Qihoo360, a major cybersecurity company that went private in 2015 and delisted itself from the Nasdaq had recently claimed to have found evidence that hacking tools of the CIA, the American intelligence agency, were used for hacking into companies in the Chinese aviation sector.
These companies were begin added to the "entity list" of the US Commerce Department which meant that such companies would be barred from procuring US goods shipped to them as well as some more limited items made abroad with US content or technology, the Department said. US companies can appeal to the US government for licenses to sell products to the blacklisted Chinese companies but after overcoming a presumption of denial.
The list also included CloudMinds, which is backed by Softbank Group Corp. This Chinese company runs and operates a cloud-based service to run robots such as a version of Pepper, a humanoid robot capable of simple communication. According to reports in March, the US authorities prevent the Chinese company from transferring technology or technical information from its division in the US to its offices in Beijing.
There were no comments available from the most of the blacklisted Chinese companies.

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