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Trump Says He Does Not Want To Do Business With Huawei'

Trump Says He Does Not Want To Do Business With Huawei'
Even while the administration of the United States President Donald Trump is contemplating about whether to extend the a grace period for the Chinese tech company Huawei, the president has said that he does not want that any business be conducted between the Chinese firm and the US.
"At this moment it looks much more like we're not going to do business," Trump told reporters on Sunday as he boarded Air Force One in New Jersey.
"I don't want to do business at all because it is a national security threat and I really believe that the media has covered it a little bit differently than that," he said. He added that exemption from the broader ban could be given to small parts of the business of the Chinese telecom giant but the process for that would be "very complicated".
The comments were made by Trump in reference to questions based on a number of reports appearing in the media last week that an extension of a period of reprieve for the Chinese company given by US Commerce Department that allowed the company to make purchase of supplies from US companies so that it can service existing customers, was being contemplated to be given by the Department.
A new report last week published by the news agency Reuters, based on information from two US sources familiar with the matter, claimed that the US Commerce Department was all set to extend the grace period for the "temporary general license" given to Huawei to make the purchases from American companies would be extended by 90 days.
In an environment of an escalating trade war with China, the Trump administration wanted to extend a good will and good faith gesture by extension of the Huawei licensing process for three months by the US Commerce Department, said National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow while speaking earlier on Sunday. The extension would also be seen as a means of showing positive US intent in the trade negotiations with China.
"We're giving a break to our own companies for three months," Kudlow told NBC's Meet the Press programme.
On the question of whether his administration would extend the "temporary general license", no comments were made by Trump on Sunday.
The trade war between the US and China saw the Chinese company Huawei getting entrenched in it earlier this year. The trade war has already seen import tariffs being slapped by both the countries on the goods of each other worth billions of dollars.
Huawei is the global leader in the manufacturing of business-to-business telecommunication equipment and is a forerunner in the setting up of the latest 5G network across the world. The company has was put on a black list by the US Commerce Department in May this year over allegations by the US that the telecom equipment made by the company could be used by Chinese agencies to spy on western countries. These allegations have been denied by the company on multiple occasions.

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