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Threads, Meta's Twitter Rival, Surpasses ChatGPT In User Growth To 100 Million

Threads, Meta's Twitter Rival, Surpasses ChatGPT In User Growth To 100 Million
Threads, the Twitter competitor of Meta Platforms, attracted 100 million sign-ups in just five days of launch, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, ousting ChatGPT as the fastest-growing website to accomplish the feat.
Since its Wednesday launch, Threads has had record-breaking user growth as celebrities, politicians, and other newsmakers have joined the network, which analysts believe poses the first real threat to Elon Musk's microblogging service.
"That's mostly organic demand, and we haven't even turned on many promotions yet," Zuckerberg said in a Threads post announcing the milestone.
The app reached 100 million users significantly quicker than ChatGPT, owned by OpenAI, which, according to a UBS research, became the fastest-growing consumer app in history in January, around two months after its release.
According to the company's latest public statement before Musk's acquisition, as of July of last year, Twitter had roughly 240 million monetizable daily active users, however evidence from web analytics companies suggests usage has decreased since then.
According to Similarweb, Twitter's web traffic dropped 11% year over year in the days after the launch of Threads, compared to a 4% drop in June.
In a tweet on Sunday, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince provided a graph displaying a similar slope and claimed Twitter traffic was "tanking."
Without providing further information, Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino tweeted on Monday that last week saw the platform's "largest usage day" since February. She tweeted, "There is only ONE Twitter."
According to Musk's tweet, "I think we may hit an all-time record this week."
Although Threads is not the first attempt to compete with Twitter, other emerging rivals like Mastodon, Bluesky, Truth Social, and T2 are still relatively new.
According to the daily user counts it publishes, Mastodon has roughly 7.7 million total users, although fewer than 2 million of them regularly utilise the site.
According to a spokeswoman, Bluesky, a new service financed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, has gathered 265,000 subscribers since going into invite-only beta in February and has almost 2 million more people on its waiting list.
According to information from Similarweb, GETTR and Truth Social, a social media network aimed at political conservatives and launched by the former U.S. President Donald Trump, have respective monthly user counts of 144,000 and 607,000.
Requests for comment from GETTR and Truth Social were not immediately fulfilled.
In response to the introduction of Threads, Musk has mocked it and threatened legal action against Meta, claiming that the social network giant misappropriated its trade secrets and other confidential information to create the programme.
Legal experts think it might be difficult to support that assertion.
Like other potential competitors, Threads is strikingly similar to Twitter. It accepts links, images, and videos of up to 5 minutes in length, and posts can be up to 500 characters long.
Additionally, the app does not yet include a direct messaging feature or a desktop version that some users, including companies, depend on.
Additionally, it does not yet have hashtags or keyword search features, which limits its usefulness as a site to follow real-time events like Twitter users typically do.
However, observers claimed that the commotion at Twitter—including the controversy around recently imposed limits on the number of tweets users can view—could work in Threads' favour in drawing those audiences.
The Threads app does not now have any advertisements, and according to Zuckerberg, the business won't consider monetization until it is clear how to reach 1 billion users.
Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, stated last week that Meta was not attempting to take the place of Twitter and that Threads was intended to concentrate on light topics like sports, music, fashion, and design.
He admitted that politics and controversial news would eventually appear on Threads, which would be difficult for the app that bills itself as the "friendly" alternative for online public dialogue.

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