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The Popular Electric Low-Speed Vehicle – Cenntro Metro, Soon To Be Launched In The U.S.

The Popular Electric Low-Speed Vehicle – Cenntro Metro, Soon To Be Launched In The U.S.
The Cenntro Automotive Corporation METRO compact utility vehicle (CUV) will be soon brought to the U.S. market. as Troops Technologies managed to secure investments of $1.2 million, aimed at developing the dealer network for the company’s electric low-speed vehicle (E-LSV).
This was achieved within just 10 days.
Transporting people on campuses or in communities, transportation of maintenance crew and local delivery are the purposes for which the model is already popular in Europe and Asia. The model is all-electric and is a highly flexible vehicle due its modular CUV which is best suited for urban transportation.
The popular all-electric compact utility vehicle was helped in its design and development stages by Tropos Technologies which is a marquee distributor of the Cenntro METRO. $1.2 million in funds was recently obtained by the company to enable it to get the electric low-speed vehicle to the U.S. market.
"This new funding will help us grow our network of E-LSV dealerships and service centers, enabling us to distribute vehicles across the U.S., while supporting start-up EV manufacturers," said Tropos CEO John Bautista. "We're grateful for the support of our partners involved in this funding round. Their confidence in us is a testament of our rapid growth in the EV market."
Tropos had helped Cenntro to secure the California Air Resources B Board (CARB) certification which requires meeting some of the strictest health and safety codes, apart from helping out the auto company with the development of the METRO, because Tropos `is the marquee distributor for the vehicle in the U.S. The Cenntro Metro has already been cleared as a zero-emission vehicles by the CARB which has also declared it eligible of being sold in California and all 15 Clean Air Section 177 States. a low-speed vehicle truck and a neighborhood electric vehicle is how the Metro was classified as by the board.
"As a multi-discipline service provider focused on alternative transportation, the expertise of the Tropos team in all-electric and range extended drivetrains and vehicles is amongst the best in the industry," said Peter Wang, CEO of Cenntro Automotive. "Tropos is one of few companies to have vehicle assembly on both the East and West coasts, and its extensive contract manufacturing capabilities made it an ideal partner for managing METRO sales, distribution and service in the U.S. We look forward to working with Tropos to scale its manufacturing activities in America."
While being safe despite being low cost, the Metro is considered to be a versatile vehicle that is ready to work.
Tropos Technologies Inc. is a firm that is completely focused on designing, development and delivery of alternative transportation. 

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