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The Latest Fast Food Chain To Join Vegan Race Is McDonald’s

The Latest Fast Food Chain To Join Vegan Race Is McDonald’s
Fats good giant McDonald's will be venturing into the arena of offering fully vegan meals in the United Kingdom after in its home country of United States. McDonald's will be the latest addition in the growing list of fast food chains doing so catering to the growing demand for vegan foods in many parts of the world.
The company said that staring January 2, 2020, its customers in the UK will be offered its Veggie Dippers meal which includes vegan fritters that is served with chips and a soft drink.
Earlier this year, similar menus were introduced by large fast food global chains such as KFC and Greggs.
A vegan meal was "the very definition of a happy meal", said Animal rights activists Peta. The body however said that campaigning by it will continue demanding the McDonald's bring to the UK its McVegan burger that is available to customers in the Finland and Swedish market.
McDonald's new dippers are made of rice, red peppers, tomato pesto and split peas, fried in breadcrumbs.
According to analysts, this latest began move by the company was made to tap into and benefit from the rising trend among customers globally – including in the UK, demanding more  options for vegetarian and vegan food.
There has been an 80% increase in customers ordering vegetarian options at McDonald's in the last 12 months, the company said.  
"It is time for the brand famous for the dippable McNugget to launch a dippable option for our vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian customers," said Thomas O'Neill, head of food marketing at McDonald's UK & Ireland.
McDonald's is the latest fast food chain to offer a vegan products.
At the beginning of the year, a vegan sausage roll was launched by Greggs which, the company claimed, was behind a boost in its sale. Frankie & Benny's, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Nando's, Papa John's, and Pizza Hut are among the other fast food chains that have launched options for vegan food in their menu.
The move by McDonald's would help veganism go mainstream, said Claire Bass, the executive director of Humane Society International UK, which campaigns for animal welfare. "When big global brands like McDonalds start serving up vegan food, it can have a huge meat-reduction impact overall, making eating vegan on-the-go both quick and accessible for all."
"A vegan meal - one that doesn't require killing - is the very definition of a happy meal. We'll continue to encourage consumers to vote with their wallets and choose vegan to help spare pigs, cows, and chickens a short, miserable life and a violent death," said Peta director Elisa Allen.
A variety of reasons were given by people for their decision to consume less meat in a survey by Mintel in 2018. Such reasons included their concerns for animal welfare and environmental protection, the perceived health benefits of consuming less meat and to add on to their efforts to lose weight

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