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Tesla Wants To Develop A Factory For Battery Storage In India - Reuters

Tesla Wants To Develop A Factory For Battery Storage In India - Reuters
Tesla has developed plans to produce and market battery storage systems in India and has submitted a proposal to officials looking for incentives to create a facility. This comes as Elon Musk makes more efforts to establish himself in the country, according a report by Reuters citing information from two persons with knowledge of the idea.
For weeks, Tesla has been in direct conversations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi about establishing a new electric vehicle (EV) factory in India to produce cars costing roughly $24,000. However, there have been no reports of its renewable energy drive so far.
According to the individuals who declined to be named since the topic is private, during recent discussions in New Delhi, Tesla recommended assisting the nation's battery storage capacities with its "Powerwall" system, which can store energy from solar panels or the grid for usage at night or during outages.
One of the sources added that although Tesla requested a variety of incentives to establish a battery storage factory, Indian officials made it clear that they would not be granted. But they emphasised that by providing subsidies to consumers who buy such things, the government may assist the corporation in developing a fair economic model.
According to the first source, it is uncertain whether the idea will be implemented, even though both Tesla and the Indian government continue to be interested in it and New Delhi is still considering it.
The second source added that the Powerwall proposal was a part of the American company's intentions for a more extensive presence in India, thinking beyond EVs, and that Tesla was eager to find both residential and industrial clients for its battery storage systems.

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