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Tesla Launches Limited-Edition Surfboard, All Sold Out In A Day

Tesla Launches Limited-Edition Surfboard, All Sold Out In A Day
The knack of Tesla founder Elon Musk to engage in production and selling of products that can be considered weird branded ones is not a surprising fact. Most of the time, such merchandise has no connection with the core business that he heads and for what he is known for throughout the business world and beyond – electric vehicles.

The last time he had come up with The Boring Company's flamethrowers in February of this year which were sold off within five days. On another occasion he has sold leather jackets for $400 each which had been made of leather that had the same qualities as the ones that adorns the interiors of Tesla vehicles.  
His latest addition to that list is surfboards which hit its gift shop on Saturday. The briefly available surfboards were priced at $1500 and is a result of a collaboration between Tesla Design Studio and Lost Surfboard.
But the recent times have not been good for Tesla as a car maker and as a company as Musk has asked its US based suppliers to return back to the company money that was given to them over the last three years so that the company could continue with its aggressive rate of production.
Many critics are saying that the latest surfboard experiment of Musk could be one of his strategies to keep his companies afloat.
However, the limited edition surfboards were a hit among customers as the 200 of them that the company manufactured and were available for sale were sold out within a day.
Now those consumers who still want to lay a hand on the surfboards will have to try their luck on eBay where they will be required to pay a premium for the merchandise. On that websites, the prices of the surfboards now range from $2,000 to $5,000.
A "collaboration with Lost Surfboards and Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos, surfboard shaper for World Surf League Championship athletes." Was responsible for the products according to Tesla's website.
The information available on the website of the company states that the surfboard has a combination of the "same high-quality matte and gloss finishes used on all our cars," and the surfboard can be easily accommodated inside or outside of the Model S, X and 3 cars. The company has given a time period of 2-10 weeks to deliver the surfboards to the customers.
On earlier occasions Musk has also come up with other a host of other merchandise and it still sells hats, shirts and rideable miniature cars for kids.

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