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Tesla Halts Car Manufacturing At Its Shanghai Factory

Tesla Halts Car Manufacturing At Its Shanghai Factory
According to an internal notification and sources with knowledge of the situation, Tesla has halted manufacturing of its electric cars at its Shanghai factory in China on Saturday, a week earlier than it had originally planned to halt most operations there during the final week of December.
According to the people and the notice as seen by the media, the American automaker canceled the morning shift and told everyone at its busiest manufacturing facility that they could begin their break. The business omitted a justification.
According to earlier this month's reports, the manufacturer of electric vehicles planned to halt Model Y production at the facility from December 25 to January 1.
The halting of produciton ffollows China's easing of its zero-COVID policy earlier this month, a sudden change that was well-received by businesses and the general public but severely disrupted business operations in the short term.
One of the individuals claimed that this wave of illnesses has also been affecting employees at Tesla and its suppliers, complicating business operations over the past week.
In addition to dealing with high inventory levels, Tesla is also anticipating a downturn in its second-largest market.
Over the past week, the Shanghai plant has concentrated on producing models for export, the source continued.
There was no comment made on the halting of production by a media representative at Tesla China.
The Model Y, Tesla's best-selling model, will no longer be assembled at the plant at the end of the month as part of a planned 30% reduction in production for the month, according to reports.
The Elon Musk electric vehicle company's primary manufacturing facility, located in Shanghai, continued to operate normally during the final week of December of the previous year.
The plant's closure for a year-end holiday has not been a standard practice.

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