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Tesla Gets Largest Pubic Pre-Order For Its Semi-Trucks From UPS For 125 Trucks

Tesla Gets Largest Pubic Pre-Order For Its Semi-Trucks From UPS For 125 Trucks
Tesla received the largest order for its all-electric semi-trucks from package delivery company United Parcel Service Inc which announced on Tuesday that it would purchase 125 Tesla semi-trucks. The package delivery company is sin the process of augmenting its fleet off delivery vehicles that run on alternative fuel.
Tesla has been striving to persuade the companies that use trucks as well as the wider trucking community in U.S. and other places that the electric trucks that it manufactures are not only affordable compared to the conventional trucks and these semis would be able to ferry a wide range of cargo and have large capacity. These are attributes that would be comparable – and sometimes even better, to the relatively low-cost but time-tested trucks that run on diesel.
Tesla said that the order from UPS is the largest so far for its semi-trucks.
Tesla anticipates that it can begin production of the trucks from 2019. The automaker had unveiled the semi last month.
When the total order for trucks would be in the range of $25 million, the cost of one Tesla trucks will come to around $200,000. UPS expects that Tesla’s semi-trucks – the big rigs that ferry cargo on America’s highways, would have a reduced total cost of ownership in comparison to the conventional vehicles, that cost at about $120,000.
The food service distributor Sysco Corp, fleet operator J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc., and Walmart are among the major companies that have already pre ordered tesla’s semi trucks, the company said.
The pre-order for 100 semi-trucks from PepsiCo had been the largest public order for the truck with Tesla before the UPS order.
Tesla would be able to evaluate the manner in which the semi-trucks should perform in real life situations for UPS because the package carrier has given the auto maker relevant information about the manner in which UPS’s trucks operate and function on their real-world routes.
 “As with any introductory technology for our fleet, we want to make sure it’s in a position to succeed,” Scott Phillippi, UPS senior director for automotive maintenance and engineering for international operations, said.
A proper examination of the abilities of the semi-trucks would be possible to be done by UPS from the 125 trucks, Phillippi said. The semis will “primarily be in the United States”, he said even though he added that the company was still working out the possible routes.
“We have high expectations and are very optimistic that this will be a good product and it will have firm support from Tesla to make it work,” Phillippi said.
Trucks that are run on electricity, natural gas, propane and other non-traditional fuels are already included in the fleet of UPS’s alternative fuel trucks vehicles.
according to FTR, an industry economics research firm, in North America., there are about 260,000 semis, or heavy-duty Class-8 trucks manufactured annually.

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