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Tesla Announces Roll Out Of Affordable Model 3 Sedan, But Only Online

Tesla Announces Roll Out Of Affordable Model 3 Sedan, But Only Online
United States based electric car maker Tesla has finally announced that it would rout the much awaited affordable electric car priced at $35000 for the public. The company said that the roll out could help Tesla to finally venture into the middle class car owners of America.
The company announced that the affordable version of the more expensive Model 3 sedan – already a hit among electric car lovers, will be available throughout the US. according to an ordering page on the company website. The company also announced that it would slowly phase out most of its retailing show rooms and most of its cars would be sold online all over the world. This business model is not one that is followed by the leading car brands of the world.
"Tesla is committed to making not just the best electric cars, but the best cars, period," the company said in a blog post.
According to information available on a Tesla ordering page, the affordable "standard range" Model 3, available for $35000 will have the capacity to run for 220 miles on single charge. The company would also be able to deliver the cars within a period of 2 to 4 weeks.
The car was first introduced by Tesla at a price of $35000 in 2016 but the final ultimate roll out has been impacted by a series of delays in production which meant that the cost of the car was higher than the promised value. Tesla was amongst the first electric car makers to announce luxury cars at that price. Since 2016, when the announcement of the availability of the affordable Model 3 was made, more than 400,000 buyers had made payments to order the car.
Tesla has been pulled up by investors and critics a number of times because of the delay in rolling out of the affordable Model 3 as it is conceived to be a crucial model or variant for the company to achieve profitability and reach the mass market. Back in 2006, when Tesla was only known as a company that made the Roadster luxury sports car, Tesla's "secret master plan" to making itself into a profit making venture would be the affordable range of cars, its founder Elon Musk had said.
There however have been long delays in the commercial production of the car and Tesla managing to achieve self imposed production targets ever since the company had started rolling out its affordable Model 3 out of the factory production line in summer 2017. The company was pushed into a financial limbo as it burned up cash and inviting wrath of investor and critics, as it over depended on finicky robots, among other factors, in the production line resulting in prolonged delays.
Tesla said that “many” of its physical stores would be closed down in the US and most of the sales of its cars would be done online. According to the company, Tesla would be able to bring down the price of the vehicle by 6 per cent because of the savings it would make from the closures.

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