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Sotheby’s Expect Bid Of Up To $160,000 For Nike ‘Moon Shoes’ & ‘Back To The Future’ Sneakers

Sotheby’s Expect Bid Of Up To $160,000 For Nike ‘Moon Shoes’ & ‘Back To The Future’ Sneakers
A price of as much as $160,000 could be paid for by bidders in an auction held by Sotheby’s for a rare pair of Nike “Moon Shoes”.
Dubbed “Stadium Goods: The Ultimate Sneaker Collection Online”, collectors and bidders would be allowed to place their bids on an array of rare sneakers in a digital lot by the New York auction house.
Set at a base price of $80,000, the auctioneers are expecting that the bidding for the “Moon Shoe” could increase to as high as anything between $110,000 and $160,000. The bidding would remain be open till July 23 and sources said hat there has been very few bidding till now. 
The rare pair of sneaker is “one of the most significant artifacts in the history of the multi-billion-dollar athletic brand,” and the pair that has been put up for sale is “one of only a handful of pairs known to exist” according to Sotheby’s. The designing of the shoe is similar to a “waffle sole” - the name for which was given because the pattern on the shoe is very similar to the patterns that were left on the surface of the moon by the shoed that the astronauts were wearing after they landed on the moon for the first time in 1969.
Also put up for auction are two lookalikes of Marty McFly’s famous self-tying Nike sneakers that was featured in the famous movie “Back to the Future Part 2”. One of those pairs was made in 2016 and the other in 2011. Auctioneers are expecting that the price that would be fetched by the 2016 pair of shoes would be the second highest in the auction and Sotheby’s anticipates that the price in bidding would reach as high as anywhere between $50,000 and $70,000.
Collectors would be more interested in bidding for the 2016 made pair of sneakers because just 89 of those pairs were released by Nike them, according to Sotheby’s. In comparison, the shoe company had released about 1,500 pairs of the replicas that were made in 2011. Real power-lacing technology was one of the main features of the later version as had been shown the movie “Back to the Future Part 2”. 
This action has a total of 41 designs put up for bidding and sale and the collection includes some vintage items along with some pair of rare shoes that were designed in collaboration with celebrities. One of them is a sneaker from Adidas that was designed by rapper Kanye West.
“Once the domain of a dedicated core of collectors and connoisseurs scattered in select U.S. cities, the culture of sneaker fashion has exploded to become a worldwide phenomenon, a new universal language of cool,” Sotheby’s said on its website Friday.
Sotheby’s  is conducting the auction on behalf of Stadium Goods - a premium footwear marketplace and bidders and collectors can have a view of the collection at an exhibition currently going on in New York every day till the end of the bidding date.

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