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Snapchat Considering Making Snaps Permanent: Reuters

Snapchat Considering Making Snaps Permanent: Reuters
Snap Inc is contemplating bringing in a huge change in the one feature in its social media platform the Snapchat app. According to a report published by Reuters, Snapchat, where user’s photos and videos disappear after a small period of time, would not have such photos and videos which remain longer and even permanently according to the report citing sources close to the company.
The report said that the company is also contemplating an option wherein the identities of Snapchat users making public posts would be revealed.
If both the changes are ultimately introduced for Snapchat, it would be a huge step by the company to draw in more users to as the users would be able to share content shared publicly through the “Our Story” feature which is available in many of the other social media platforms. The changes could also help the company to create new avenues for revenues for a company that has been losing money. The company has also been troubled by reduction in a user base and departure of senior executives from the company.
However, many believe that there can be a backlash from users who enjoy the anonymity that the app offers even though the new changes in the application – launched in 2011, could be an instant hit by among teenagers and millennials. The privacy resulting from anonymity aspect could also be an issue for the company because of the scandals surrounding privacy recently faced by the likes of Facebook which has been pulled up over charges of inappropriate handling of user data.
According to the report, the privacy, technical and legal possibilities and implication of revealing the identities of its users on public posts is being carefully considered by Snap.
The report also said that the users the proposed changes would still allow users to delete the public posts that are shared on the “Our Story” section of Snapchat and the changes would only affect the photo and video content that is share din that section only – because such photos and videos are shared publicly to a wider audience and not just a user’s friends.
The shelf life of public stories has already been extended by Snap. However critics believe that if the company now decides to reveal the identities of users sharing the photos or videos or allows them to last longer, it would be a very significant deviation from the features that  Snapchat is known for.  
There were no comments available from Snap.
According to sources cited in the report, the company is contemplating these changes on the basis of feedback it got from four partnerships it had with news discovery platforms which aid media companies in spotting, analyzing and republishing of public breaking news content on Snapchat.
According to Snap’s support website, while initially, public stories would disappear after 30 days, they would now remain viewable for 90 days.

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