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Slowed iPhones Issue And Outcry Forces Apple To Issue And Apology

Slowed iPhones Issue And Outcry Forces Apple To Issue And Apology
The software that Apple Inc. used to display to users whether their phone battery is good would be changed by the company in addition to the iPhone maker reducing the prices for the replacement of its batteries. This was announced by the company recently after the company faced huge flak from users and consumers and multiple law suits following the company conceding that it had deliberately slowed down older iPhones that are fitted with aging batteries.
Apple Inc. it would make a number of changes for customers “to recognize their loyalty and to regain the trust of anyone who may have doubted Apple’s intentions” and announced that it was apologizing for the way the company had handled the battery issue, the company said in a posting on its website recently.
There has already some concerns about the high price of its new flagship model iPhone X- with a starting price of $999 and it is at this time that the move has been made by Apple to address the concerns related to the quality and durability of its older products.
Beginning next month, Apple would reduce the cost of replacing the out-of-warranty battery for the older iPhone models – starting from iPhone 6 or earlier, from the current price tag of $79 to $29, the company said. users would also be allowed to see whether the battery on their older iPhone is in poor condition and whether the old and aging battery is impacting the performance of the phone through an update of the iOS operating system, the company also announced. 
“We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down,” Apple said in its posting. “We apologize.”
The accusations that some of the older iPhones, with battery problems, were getting slower due to iPhone software was acknowledged by the company on December 20. Older iPhone that had lithium ion batteries and with low power capacity would often deliver uneven power to the phones which would result in the iPhones shutting down unexpectedly to protect the delicate circuits inside and therefore the company had done a software upgrade for older phones that would prevent such a shutdown by slowing down the performance of the phones.
There is however a common belief among the Apple consumers that the company intentionally slows down the performance of its older versions of iPhones so that the users are encouraged to purchase the latest iPhone versions and models. Despite the fact that there has been no concrete evidence that the company had been engaged in such tactics to boost sale of its new models, the issue and the disclosure by Apple about the battery has been a hot topic on the social media and elsewhere.
There was a denial by Apple on Thursday about it ever engaging in any form of intentional acts to lessen the life of any of its products.
However, based on allegations that that the Apple had defrauded users by slowing devices down without warning them, there have been 8 lawsuits that have bene filed in California, New York and Illinois. In France, where the so-called “planned obsolesce” is against the law, has also seen legal complaints being made against Apple.

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