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Security Concerns In UK Raises Prospect Of Huawei Being Blocked From 5G: The Sun

Security Concerns In UK Raises Prospect Of Huawei Being Blocked From 5G: The Sun
A report published in the UK newspaper The Sun, Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei would be blocked from participating in sensitive state projects because of new regulations drawn up by the UK government on foreing investments.
There are a very few firms in the world that have managed to develop and master the technology for the next generation mobile telecom technology 5G and Huawei is one of those.
However according to the report published by The Sun, there is a fear among the British government about the involvement of Huawei’s equipment being used in critical infrastructure such as 5G because it w\could jeopardise national security and this was reportedly professed by UK’s senior cabinet ministers and Britain’s most senior civilservant Mark Sedwill.  
According to the report, the lawmakers in the country are planning to bring in changes in regulations which would make it possible for the UK government to legally prevent Chinese firms such as Huawei from participating in any future projects that are considered to be “strategically significant for the UK tech sector.
It has been reported that these changes to the regulations would potentially be incorporated and enacted by the British government along with those laws that would be mandatory for it to pass after the implementation of Brexit so that tyhe current EU laws are adequately replaced. These laws would be related to public procurement.
There is a perception and fear in a number of Western countries surrounding the activities of Huawei and allowing such Chinese companies to participate in the inside track of sensitive telecommunication projects which could allow the Chinese agencies to spy on western countries and companies. This is also the case in Britain which has raised the possibility of a change in the procurement laws. 
Among those who are concerned about this possibility related to the Chinese company include UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.
British government is also worried that there could be some negative reaction from the other members of the key Five Eyes partnership — which is a critical intelligence network that are comprised of the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, if it is not able to create some barrier to the participation of Chinese companies in the British public sector.
According to The Sun report, there is a keen interest shown by the US in ensuring the UK is able to curb down on investments made by Chinese technology firms in the UK.

The report quoted a senior government source saying: “All Five Eyes partners have to face the same way. “You’re going to have the choice of being a technical collaborator with the US, or with China. You’re not going to be able to do both.”

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