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Sanofi Introduces A Worldwide Health Brand With Non-Profit Treatments

Sanofi Introduces A Worldwide Health Brand With Non-Profit Treatments
In the first part of its effort to extend access to its medicines globally, French manufacturer Sanofi will make 30 of its therapies, including insulin, available on a not-for-profit basis in 40 low-income nations.
The treatments will be delivered under the new Impact brand, which is part of Sanofi's global health unit, which was formed last year and is separate from the commercial business.
The proposal also includes a $25 million Impact fund, which will help local start-up healthcare enterprises and provide training on how to use the drugs, according to Sanofi.
"There's a lot of noise at the moment from different companies jumping into this space... but investing in entrepreneurship, in the ecosystem, is a new thing," said Jon Fairest, who heads the global health unit.
The available therapies are on the World Health Organization's list of essential medicines, and insulin in particular has been singled out as a life-saving medicine for diabetics that is difficult to get in many low-income nations where the disease burden is expanding.
Off-patent medications for cancer, hypertension, malaria, and tuberculosis are all included on the list. Sanofi did not elaborate on the extent to which the new strategy will reduce medicine prices.
The majority of the countries participating are in Africa, ranging from Niger to Zimbabwe. Conflict-torn countries such as Syria are also included in the project, as are other Asian countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar.

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