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Ride Sharing Company ViaVan Launched in London

Ride Sharing Company ViaVan Launched in London
London is soon to have another shared ride hailing service called ViaVan. This is a joint venture Via and Mercedes-Benz Vans.
The new ride sharing services can be accessed through an app which can be used by passengers to call for a shared ride. The app would match the user seamlessly with other users using a cab and in real time and are heading the way of the user. Users would be able to share the ride which would be driven by a professional chauffeur.
The services would offer the people of London an alternative to Uber and would be launched in zones 1 and 2 initially. The ride sharing service would offer much lower fares compared top those of Uber as well as ensuring better services and treatment to the drivers and users alike. The service will be focused on safety. A launch offer of £3 for users travelling to or from zone 1 on VivaVans was also announced by the company and would be valid for a limited period of time.
"Londoners deserve innovative transportation solutions that are safe, convenient, and affordable," said Chris Snyder, CEO of ViaVan. "ViaVan is a different kind of company: we have social responsibility built into our DNA. Our mission is to power truly dynamic mass transit systems, which reduce congestion in our cities while offering drivers the opportunity to earn a decent living. We are delighted to launch in London and to finally give Londoners an alternative to expensive and inefficient private car services."
The dynamic ride-pooling technology of Via would be used for offering the service that was initially developed to serve New York. That technology has helped to connect more than 30 million users shared rides throughout the world – ranging from Australia to California. The company last month launched a similar service in Amsterdam and London is the second city to be targeted by the company.
While providing an economical low cost means of transportation, the business model used by ViaVan helps in the reduction of congestion and emissions. The over all impact would be eco-friendly and convenient because multiple passengers would be able to use the same vehicle. ViaVan aims to "close the gap" because it offers the lowest prices and would strive to become an affordable extension for the public transit system in London.
"Londoners are amongst the savviest of consumers, always looking for the right mix of quality, cost, convenience, and social impact," said Luca Parducci, general manager of ViaVan London. "Unlike competitors' pooling solutions, we're confident that ViaVan will be a huge hit - a comfortable and convenient way to get around that you can feel good about."
Passengers making use of the ViaVan app have to identify the pick-up and drop-off points on the app and confirm the ride. The company’s smart algorithm helps in matching passengers going in the same direction and helps them share a single vehicle.

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