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Restructuring At UK’s Morrisons To Eliminate 3,000 Management Roles

Restructuring At UK’s Morrisons To Eliminate 3,000 Management Roles
British retailer Morrisons has announced that it will cull about 3,000 managerial jobs throughout its stores as the company implements its plan of restructuring of its business which also entails creation of more shop floor jobs.
The restructuring plan of the company also includes a plan to create about 7,000 new hourly-paid jobs at its stores out of which it will hire about 4,000 such people, said the Bradford based supermarket.
Morrisons' Market Street counters – stores where customers are able to get access to butchers, bakers, fishmongers and other fresh food specialists, would employ many of the new jobs, the company has said.
The company will make available jobs for all those employees whose roles would be eliminated within the company if they choose to remain with the company, the fourth biggest supermarket group of the United Kingdom said.
Those managers who would be retained with the company will 'concentrate on helping frontline colleagues to do their job and run their stores', the company also added.
“This proposal means more frontline colleagues improving product availability and helping customers. Whilst there will be a short period of uncertainty for some managers affected by these proposals, we will be supporting them through this process and there are jobs available for everybody who wants to continue to work at Morrisons,” said David Lepley, Morrisons group retail director.
The company will also create new roles that would offer much greater flexibility than now and which will be very attractive for those employees who have a family and have to take care of them too, Lepley also said.
This announcement by the company is the latest restructuring of roles by a major grocer and follows up on an announcement made by Sainsbury's just days ago of its plans to eliminate  managerial jobs in their hundreds after its takeover of Argos.
And at the Walmart-owned British retailer Asda, a strategy to reduce roles and jobs at the back office could result in loss of jobs for more than 2,800 employee, according to reports published in the media earlier this month.
Tesco, the largest supermarket chain of the UK had announced last year that it would cull about 4,500 jobs mainly from its mid-size Metro stores – which number at 153, as a part of its strategy to streamline its operations.
In recent years, the rapidly-growing German discounters Aldi and Lidl have put significant pressure on Morrisons as well as its rivals.
Due to an impact of an 'unusually challenging' trading and shopper uncertainty, Morrisons had recently reported a drop in sale even during the very crucial festive season.
“This is a big upheaval for the Morrisons store management team and is devastating news for our members. We will be entering into consultations with the company on behalf of our members affected by these changes. Despite a large number of hourly paid roles being created, they will clearly not be a like-for-like position for the managers impacted. We are providing members with the support, advice and representation they require during this difficult time,” said Joanne McGuinness, national officer of the Usdaw union.

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