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Production Of Semi Trucks To Be Accelerated By Tesla: Reports

Production Of Semi Trucks To Be Accelerated By Tesla: Reports
It was time to bring the Tesla Semi commercial truck to "volume production," Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk has conveyed to the company’s staff, according to reports, that pinned this message to the jump in the share prices of the Tesla’s rival clean truck maker Nikola Corp.
This message was delivered by Musk through an email which however did not specify any time period for the increase in production, said the reports that claimed to have seen the email.
"Production of the battery and powertrain will take place at Giga Nevada," Musk wrote in the email, the reports claimed. He also wrote that most of the other work of the electric vehicle marker will probably happen in other states of the US. He however did not mention which were the targeted states.
Other states in America are being scouted by Musk for the building a new factory, the CEO has said with suggestions that Texas could be one of the targeted states. Oklahoma and other states are campaigning for the investment.
There were no comments available from Tesla over the reports.
In 20917, Tesla had unveiled the prototype of the futuristic, battery-powered Semi. On that occasion Musk had said that production for the Class 8 truck would begin by 2019. And in more recent comments, Musk had said that it could be by 2021 that Tesla could start volume production of the Semi.
After merging with special purpose acquisition company VectoIQ, a stock market debut was made by Nikola, a rival electric and fuel cell truck startup, earlier this month on the NASDAQ. Over the past week, the stock price of the company has more than doubled with the CEO of the company making use of Twitter and interviews to sell to the market plans of the company to launch an electric pickup truck as rival of the forthcoming Cybertruck from Tesla.
A joint venture to build a battery electric and fuel cell truck line called the Nikola Tre was formed last year between Nikola and CNHIndustrial's IVECO commercial truck operation. The electric version of the truck is set to be rolled out next year and the pre orders for the truck is strong, IVECO has said.
Nikola on Wednesday said it had hired a former Tesla executive, Mark Duchesne, to lead its manufacturing and a former Caterpillar executive, Pablo Koziner, to head its hydrogen fueling and battery recharging business.

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