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Probe Of Inappropriate Relationship Results In Resignation Of Lilly Says CFO

Probe Of Inappropriate Relationship Results In Resignation Of Lilly Says CFO
Following an investigation by the company about an alleged unethical personal relationship of the Chief Financial Officer Josh Smiley of Eli Lilly and Co found the executive to have indulged in “inappropriate personal communication” with some company employees, the executive has resigned, the company said on Tuesday. 
After it was made aware of the allegations, an external counsel to conduct an independent probe was immediately hired by it, said the Indianapolis-based drug maker. Consensual but inappropriate personal communications between Smiley and some of the employees of Lilly were revealed by the investigation.
The actions showed poor judgment by Smiley, Lilly said. No further details of the communications or the number of employees involved were provided by the company.
So comment on the issue was available from Smiley. Reports stated that there was no trace of a LinkedIn account of Smiley which he managed himself.
According to a statement from a Lilly spokeswoman, as soon as the company learned about the allegations, it took “swift and significant action” to tackle the issue.
The news brought down the shares of the company by 2 per cent. In the past 12 months till Monday, the stocks of the company had risen by as much as 40 per cent.
Having joined the company in 1995, Smiley was appointed as the CFO of the company in 2018. Lilly said that Anat Ashkenazi, who joined the company in 2001 and was most recently senior vice president, controller and chief financial officer of Lilly Research Laboratories, will replace Smiley.
The company said that the conduct of Smiley under question is not related to financial controls, financial statements or any other business matters or judgments.  The company added that Smiley will continue to remain in the company to play an assisting role for the transition of his role till July this year. His cash compensation of will however be reduced at $9,000 every two weeks.
According to a public filing by the company, it has reached an agreement with Smiley in which the executive will let go of all of his $1 million 2020 cash bonus, about $3 million that the company had awarded him between 2018 and 2020, and all of his other current and future stock awards which totals at about $20 million based on the current stock price of Lilly. Findings show that Smiley sold shares worth more than $3 million earlier this month.
Following the #MeToo social media movement, there has been close scrutiny of executive behaviour and the treatment of employees.
Charges of a consensual relationship with an employee resulted in the ouster of McDonald’s Corp Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook in 2019. The company stated thar the behaviour of the company has violated its policies.
In another high profile incident in 2018, Intel Corp INTC.O Chief Executive Brian Krzanich was forced to resign in June 2018 after a company probe concluded that the executive was involved in an incident of consensual relationship with an employee which was against the company policy.

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