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Preciflex’s micro-fluid watches to hit stores within the next 3 years

Beautiful luxurious watches costing you a body part are a thing of the past. In fact, you can snag one from Preciflex within the next 3 years.

Aficionados of high-end watches perk up and take note. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, take a look at HYT's H series.

Instead of relying on the usage of time tested spinning hands to tell you the time, which is so passé, HYT’s H series makes use of the novel concept of hydro-mechanical system that fills capillaries with fluids. Although it certainly is niche, it won’t be for much longer though. It now has a competitor from its sister brand Preciflex.

Preciflex has already received $23 million in funding to create a "new type of fluidic jewelery." Fortunately for most of us who aren’t inclined in selling one of their kidneys for a watch, these liquid based watches are going to have a price which is "different," (read more affordable) from the HYT’s H series.  Already, Preciflex has made in-roads with its microfluid technology in the medical and automotive sectors, thus increasing the footprint of this technology.

HYT, as of now, is keeping its cards close to its chest. All it has disclosed about the watches is that within the next 3 years it is likely to team up with a few "strategic players" to get its watches off the ground, so expect them to be on sale within the next three years.

It turns out, Kickstarter has made individuals as powerful as the chairman of a Fortune 500 company: although their individual investment may be puny in comparison, it is in the process of providing a luxurious rarity affordable to the common man.

Debashish Mukherjee

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