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Politics Likely Being Used By Competitors To Push Huawei Out Of U.S. Market: Company’s Top Executive

Politics Likely Being Used By Competitors To Push Huawei Out Of U.S. Market: Company’s Top Executive
While claiming that the mobile carriers in the U.S. are inclined to work with the company, the head of the Chinese company Huawei’s consumer business said that politics is being used as a tool to throw the company out of business in the U.S. by its rivals because the competitors are worried about the power and strength of the company.
In recent times, the Chinese tech giant has faced a tough time in the U.S. The regulatory authorities in the country recently stopped a deal from going through which would have seen the launch and selling of the company’s flagship Mate 10 Pro smartphone in the country with AT&T as its partner. And Americans have been advised not to use services or products by Huawei by a group of six top U.S. intelligence chiefs as reported to the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Claiming that the competitors are engaged in dirty politics, the events surrounding the company in the U.S. was described as “ridiculous” by Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's consumer business.
"Our competitors are using some political way … to try to kick us out from the U.S. market but we have no issue at all. We are transparent … we are a leading high-tech, innovative company," Yu said. "But they cannot compete with us on product, on technology, on innovation, so they compete with us [using] politics."
FBI Director Chris Wray said the intelligence body is "concerned about the risks of allowing any company or entity that is beholden to foreign governments that don't share our values to gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks", in its testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee recently.
Huawei is "independent", Yu said.
"We are not bundling with … any government … we are independent from all the government political things. We are never involved in any of this," Yu said. There are no issues of the company with regards to privacy or cybersecurity, he added. 
While the company executive claimed that all of the carrier networks in the U.S. were open to working with it, the top executive of Huawei however did not confirm or provide any details about whether the company was in talks with any of the other U.S. carriers at the current moment.
"All the carriers they want to do business with Huawei … they have a strong willingness to do the business with Huawei … the government and maybe some of our competitors they are trying to use the government as the political guy, they're trying to keep us out. That is unfair … that means that they worry we are too strong," Yu said.

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