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Planned US Farm Visit By After Trade Talks By China Delegation Cancelled

Planned US Farm Visit By After Trade Talks By China Delegation Cancelled
The plan of a Chinese delegation that had come to Washington to take part in the face to face trade negotiations with United States to stay back after the talks to visit US farm areas has been cancelled. According to reports, the Chinese trade delegation has going back home following the end of the mid-level trade talks.
The Montana Farm Bureau Federation confirmed the news of the cancellation of the farm visit by the Chinese delegation and according to analysts, this will be a damper on the positivity that had emerged from the renewal of the US-China trade talks and the possibility of a trade deal between the two largest economies of the world. The news also was not received well by the markets with a 200 points drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
The proposed Chinese delegation that was to visit the US farm land was led by led by Vice Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs Han Jun and they were also part of the Chinese delegation that had come to the United States for preliminary trade talks which had been arranged to pave the way for the meeting between the trade representatives of the two countries early next month.
However a positive note on the talks between the US and China was presented by the Office of US Trade Representative in a brief statement on Friday. The statement read: "These discussions were productive, and the United States looks forward to welcoming a delegation from China for principal-level meetings in October."
The latest trade talks between the two parties had sparked high hopes and optimism because the talk was preceded by a series of measures, such as exemption of some products from the tariffs and delay of imposing increased tariffs,  taken earlier this month aimed at softening of the trade tensions.  
The Chinese delegation would visit American farms next week, US Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue had told reporters on Thursday.
Earlier this week, US President Donald Trump had also said that large quantities of agricultural purchases from the US were being made by Chinese importers. "They are starting to buy our farm products big league," he said in a tweet Tuesday.
And while talking to reporters during a press conference at the White House on Friday, Trump had said that the relationship between him and Chinese President Xi Jinping was "doing very well," even though there was a "little spat" was being experienced by them.
"We are looking for a complete deal," he had stressed. "I am not looking for a partial deal."

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