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Pixelated Models Giving A Run To Real Life Models?

Pixelated Models Giving A Run To Real Life Models?
Brenn, a famous model by now, was first seen in an Instagram post where she was staring into the camera with light eyes that just appeared to be placed a bit too far apart. She had dark skin with glistening pursed lips and wore short, curly hair in the picture.
One could be tricked into believing that Brenn is just another model engage din the act of promoting herself on Instagram. But closer looks – particularly at the eyes, reveal that she is a computer-generated model creation by fashion photographer Cameron-James Wilson.
Shudu, believed to be the world's first digital supermodelm and created by Wilson had become viral earlier this year. The computer generate model had gone so popular that she was even asked to model by T-shirts firm Soulsky. The craze continued until Wilson announced that Shudu was a computer generated image made up of pixels. But despite the revelation, the creations of Wilson have got him over 130,000 followers on Instagram.
Analysts are claiming that real life human models are being given a challenge by a growing number of computer-generated models such as Brenn and Shudu. There are over 1 million Instagram followers for Lil Miquela, created by the Los Angeles startup Brud. That fan following is similar to those of real-world models such as Devon Windsor and Belle Lucia.
And recently, an advertising agency call Diigitals was launched by Wilson which is only represents his digital creations.
But perhaps the first such agency to be launched was the British agency Irmaz Models which was launched in April this year and is engage din creating bespoke computer-generated models.
"Brands can specify the look they're exactly after, down to the race, gender and hairstyle," said Philip Jay, the former Playboy photographer who leads Irmaz Models alongside Irma Zucker.
Such agencies claim that their work not only allows advertisers greater control over their images but would also create new opportunities for branding and advertising. And further, none of the models would ever miss a shoot deadline, or the clients having to cope up with attitude of the models or worry about the models growing older.
Wilson believes that his creations would be particularly interest fashion houses that design clothing using 3D modeling. "The best way to showcase that would be on a 3D model," Wilson said.
The possibility of pixelated models putting the real world model out of world is not something that Wilson is too concerned about as he only wants to work with those clients who "push forward with new technologies" where his models would be a fit.
"The modeling world is generally dominated by white females unfortunately, but we might sort of change that a little bit," Jay said. Shudu and Brenn are black, and Brenn is a plus-size model. Wilson even created a pointy-eared, long-necked alien named Galaxia. Irmaz has an alien, too, and both agencies feature male models as well. "It's about people of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities," Wilson says.

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