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Personal Data Of About 150 Million Users Of MyFitnessPal App Stolen, Says Under Armour

Personal Data Of About 150 Million Users Of MyFitnessPal App Stolen, Says Under Armour
In what is being equated with one of the largest data breaches in history, private information of about 150 million users of MyFitnessPal diet and fitness app were compromised in February, said Under Armour Inc said on Thursday. The news led to a fall of 3 per cent in the market share of the athletic apparel maker.
Under Armour said in a statement that scrambled passwords for the popular MyFitnessPal mobile app and account user names and email addresses related to the accounts were compromised. It however assured the safety of social Security numbers, driver license numbers and payment card data.
According to SecurityScorecard, on eth basis of the number of records compromised, this data breach is the largest so far this year and is among the five largest ever in history.
According to breach notification website, the over more than 412 million users of adult websites run by California-based FriendFinder Networks Inc in 2016 was the second largest breach ever while the 3 billion Yahoo accounts that were breached and stolen in a 2013 incident was the largest ever.
While not giving out any details of the manner in which the hackers managed to break into its security system and steal the data or how they managed to pull the data without being stopped by the security systems, the company said that it was cooperating with data security companies and the law enforcement agencies.
For cyber criminals, large cache of email addresses can be of high value even though the hack did not include any financial data.
According to U.S. federal indictments in the case in 2015, pump-and-dump schemes to boost stock prices made use of emails that were stolen as a part of a breach of data of about 83 million JPMorgan Chase customers in a 2014 attack.
Users of the MyFitnessPal app would immediately be required to change the password of their accounts and emails, said Under Armor in an alert warning on its official website.
“We continue to monitor for suspicious activity and to coordinate with law enforcement authorities,” the company said. The process of detection and prevention of unauthorized access to user information was being bolstered by the company, it added.
It was four days ago that the company had come to know of the data breach incident and it had begun to notify the users about the incident since Thursday.
MyFitnessPal was abought by Under Armour for about $475 million in 2015. Accounting for about 1.8 per cent of the total revenues of $4 billi8on in sales of Under Armour, the MyFitnessPal is part of the company’s connected fitness division.

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