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Paid Informants and Pricey Escort at Redstone Mansion is Alleged by a New Lawsuit

Paid Informants and Pricey Escort at Redstone Mansion is Alleged by a New Lawsuit
A new lawsuit that threatens to keep salacious allegations about the 92-year-old media mogul Sumner Redstone’s lifestyle alive, has been filed by a former girlfriend of Redstone even as a Los Angeles judge dismissed one case brought by her.
There are allegations that Redstone's daughter Shari interfered with the inheritance Herzer was due to receive in his will and invaded her privacy that was leveled against Redstone in the new complaint that was filed by Manuela Herzer, 52, in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday.
A spokeswoman for Shari Redstone called Herzer's new allegations a "baseless attack."
"It is total fiction and continues to speak volumes about Herzer's motivation and character," she said.
A network of "nurse-informers" was assembled within the Beverly Hills mansion of Shari Redstone to report on his activities and turn the elder Redstone against Herzer during a period when she was estranged from her father, asserts the lawsuit.
The lawsuit said that a nurse was fired by Sumner Redstone for unrelated reasons and it was the same nurse that Shari Redstone paid $10,000 for sending her information.
"Shari organized and implemented what would eventually become a successful campaign to turn Sumner against Herzer and strip Herzer not only of her role as his health care agent, but also of her inheritance," the lawsuit said.
Shortly after a California judge tossed her case seeking to be reinstated as the person designated to make his medical decisions if he was incapacitated the new legal action was filed by the 52 year old Herzer. Redstone was not mentally competent and had been the victim of "undue influence" by people around him, she had argued.
Reuters reported that there were no comment on Herzer's latest legal move by a representative for Sumner Redstone, controlling shareholder of Viacom Inc and CBS Corp.
The nurses violated medical privacy laws as part of a conspiracy that started in September 2014 argues Herzer's lawsuit which seeks at least $70 million in damages.
Sumner Redstone's access "to his favorite paid 'escort" was controlled by one of the nurses, Jeremy Jagiello, the Herzer's lawsuit also says.
An upfront payment, a house and $4,500 a month in cash that was left for her at the guard gate to his mansion was among the at least $7 million that the woman received from Sumner Redstone, the lawsuit said.
The lawsuit said the woman “even stayed in the room with Sumner during his intimate encounters" with her and that Jagiello arranged the woman's visits. In order "to increase his influence over Sumner, crossing ethical and professional boundaries without hesitation", he also relayed "supposed love messages" from the woman to Redstone, the suit states.
An attorney for Jagiello did not respond to requests for comment.

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