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OpenAI Claims Users Of ChatGPT Would Now Be Able To Access The Internet

OpenAI Claims Users Of ChatGPT Would Now Be Able To Access The Internet
The web will now be accessible to ChatGPT users, according to Microsoft-backed OpenAI, extending the data the popular chatbot may access past its original September 2021 limit.
According to the artificial intelligence startup, ChatGPT's most recent browsing feature will let websites manage how ChatGPT communicates with them.
"Browsing is available to Plus and Enterprise users today, and we'll expand to all users soon. To enable, choose Browse with Bing in the selector under GPT-4," OpenAI said in a post on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.
The business also revealed a significant update earlier this week that would allow ChatGPT to communicate with users via voice and visuals, bringing it closer to well-known AI helpers like Apple's Siri.
Earlier versions of OpenAI's premium ChatGPT Plus service tried a feature that let customers retrieve the most recent information by using the Bing search engine. However, it was subsequently removed out of concern that users would be able to get around paywalls.
When ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly active users in January of this year, it was the fastest-growing consumer application in history. However, ChatGPT was eventually replaced by Meta's Threads app.
Due to its growth, investors are becoming more interested in OpenAI. On Tuesday, Reuters and other media outlets reported that the business is in talks with shareholders about the possibility of selling current shares at a significantly greater price than it was a few months ago.

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