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Nutri-Score Nutrition-Labels On Products To Be Put In Europe By Nestle

Nutri-Score Nutrition-Labels On Products To Be Put In Europe By Nestle
With the aim of helping its customers to make better purchase choices based on the healthiness of the food of consuming, Nestle has decided to print its food products ratings based on the nutritional value of the food, the packaged food company has said.
This new packaging strategy will begin in the first half of 2020 and the new labeling system will use colors and will be launched in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland, said the maker of global brands such as KitKat chocolate bars and Nesquik milkshake powder.
The Nutri-Score is a color based coding system developed by Nestle and which rates food from green and the letter A, meant to denote healthier products, to the color red and the letter E, denoting products that the company believes has ingredients that are less healthy. The company said that such coding will be present in more than 5,000 products in the five countries.
Criticism for using confusing labels that have made it difficult for customers to reduce their sugar and fat intake or increase fiber in their diet while purchasing them have been leveled against food making companies by groups such as the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Nestle said that plant-based products from Garden Gourmet, Nesquik chocolate-flavored milk, Buitoni pizzas, Nescafe coffee, Maggi products and KitKat chocolate bars will be among the variety of food products that will carry the new Nestle labeling. 
The company says on its website: “People should be able to make informed decisions about their food and beverage choices. We have a responsibility to communicate in a transparent, comprehensive way about our products, including ingredients and nutritional values. That includes information on our products, at point-of-sale and online.”
The concept of the Nutri-Score as a preferred means for front-of-pack labeling scheme for food and beverage products in the continent of Europe was first supported by Nestle in June 2019.
“Our support for Nutri-Score reflects our commitment to good nutrition and informed choices. People are increasingly eager to know what is in their food and beverages. We want to provide them with clear nutritional information. Scientific evidence and consumer support show that Nutri-Score is a solution that works in continental Europem,” says Marco Settembri, CEO of Nestlé for Zone Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMENA).
It was developed by the French national public health agency was the brain behind the development of the Nutri-Score and allows customers to gain a holistic understanding of the nutritional quality of a product.
The rating that is given to a product under the Nutri-Score system is based on a scientific algorithm which takes into account the various ingredients that that are deemed good for human health and hence should be encouraged. Some of the good ingredients in food include nuts, fruit, vegetables, fibers and proteins. The algorithm also takes into account those ingredients that should have limited intake such as sugars, calories, sodium or salt and saturated fat.
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