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Nokia Introduces Its AI Assistant Targeting Industrial Workers

Nokia Introduces Its AI Assistant Targeting Industrial Workers
On Wednesday, technology giant Nokia announced an AI-driven tool that sends out messages to industrial workers. These messages include suggestions on how to increase factory output and alerts about malfunctioning machinery based on real-time data.
According to a statement from the firm, "MX Workmate" will build on Nokia's current communications technology used by business clients by using generative AI large language models (LLMs) to produce writing that is human-like.
According to Stephane Daeuble, Head of Enterprise Solutions Marketing at Nokia, these could include proactive measures to improve production quality and rates, timely alerts regarding equipment failure coupled with suggested repair steps, or handling factory mishaps.
The Finnish gear manufacturer already provides 4G and 5G technology, among other things for internal communications and connecting industrial businesses to machine sensor data.
Nokia is introducing the tool as firms struggle with a lack of trained workers, according to Daeuble. "Now the idea is we have an assistant that's there to help the worker make sense of all this data," Daeuble said.
Though regulation of generative AI is still in its infancy, many experts believe it can generate ethical and legal issues. Generative AI gained popularity last year thanks to ChatGPT.
Operational technology (OT) rules are met by Nokia's tool, but Daeuble said that organisations may need some time to trust this "forward-looking" technology as it requires thorough testing and fine-tuning before it can be used across industries.
The tool "needs to be accurate, clear, and right," even though some aspects—like dealing with AI hallucinations—are still in the research stage. He said that there will be preliminary precautions like a human authenticating the AI instructions. "And it needs to be traceable and moderated," he stated.
"Maybe a year, a year and a half, before we see first real implementation," he stated.
Early iterations of the tool will be on display by Nokia at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona around the end of February.

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