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Nike to launch self-lacing shoes this holiday season

The sale will be applicable only to those who have a Nike+ membership. So get your Nike+ membership now.

Nike has unveiled, in what could be the world’s first “self-lacing” shoe. The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 tightens the shoe’s laces when it senses the presence of the wearer’s heels. For those who want to customize the tightness of the lace, Tiffany Beers, a senior innovator at Nike, explains that the wearer with the help of the two buttons on the side of the shoes can adjust the fit.
Although, this innovation is fantastic, Nike isn’t one to pause and rest on its laurels: Tinker Hatfield, the fame shoe designer is already working on one design that adjusts the fit in realtime.
Nike is set to launch the HyperAdapt 1.0 in three colors this holiday season. However it will only go on sale to Nike+ members for a yet to be announced price.
The Nike+ app itself is also set to be redesigned in June with Nike aiming to make the app even more personalized, just like its brand new pair of shoes. A login to the SNKRS, will provide individuals with product recommendations tailored to the individual’s needs.
What clearly stands out is Nike’s push to personalize its product range. For this it will be launching a “Services” tab through which sport enthusiasts and athletes can gain access to "Nike+ Experts" who will help answer your burning sportswear related queries. Through this concierge like service, you can also book a reservation in a Nike store.
All of this and more is part of Nike Innovation 2016. Sportswear enthusiasts can also check out other new fanciful products that are on their way to stores.
Among the more upcoming significant products in Nike’s basket, is the Air Vapor Max which incorporates a completely new sole design that ditches the midsole entirely in favor of Nike’s airbag cushioning technology. The new product range "engineered down to the pixel" includes the KD9  as well, are part of what Nike terms as an "era of innovation." 

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