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Newer Huawei Phones Would Not Come With Preinstalled Facebook App: Reuters

Newer Huawei Phones Would Not Come With Preinstalled Facebook App: Reuters
Pre-installations of its app on Huawei smartphones would no longer be allowed by Facebook Inc. this is the latest blow to the Chinese etch giant and the second largest manufacturer of smartphones of the world in its efforts to keep its business afloat amidst the banning of the company by the United States from accessing technologies (software) and products of American companies.
According to a report by the global news agency Reuters, those people already using a Huawei phone would be allowed to us the app and receive updates for the time being. But Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram apps would no longer be pre-installed in any of the new smartphones of Huawei that are sold.
Smartphone vendors often strike business agreements for the pre-installment of popular apps such as Facebook. In many market, Huawei phones also have other pre-installed apps such as Twitter and
There were no comments available in the Reuters report from Twitter Inc and Booking Holdings.
Analysts anticipate that there can be some hit to Huawei phones and the sale outlook of the company because of the decision of Facebook. For the Chinese tech giant, its smartphone sale accounted for the largest chunk of its revenue generated last year with high growth in the markets of Europe and Asia.
There were also no comments from Huawei on the report.
The US government had approved a 90-day reprieve for Huawei from the ban and Alphabet Inc’s Google had announced earlier that new Huawei phones would not be supplied with its Android operating systems after the reprieve period which is set to come to an end in August. However all of the current models and phones of Huawei, which would include all those phones that have either not been shipped or which have not yet been manufactured, would be able ot access Google’s Playstore and all Google apps.
In comparison, the decision of Facebook is a more severe as it encompasses all Huawei phones that have not yet been shipped or are yet to leave its factories, said the Reuters report quoting a source with knowledge of the matter. No comment on date of implementation of the suspension was provided by Facebook.
Through an executive order, the Trump administration in May prevented all American companies from dealing in any product or technology tie ups with those companies that are deemed to be a national threat to the United States. A few days later, the Commerce Department of the country included Huawei in its so called ‘entity list’ deeming it as a national threat and hence imposing the ban on American companies issued by the presidential executive order. This tirade against Huawei by the trump administration is a long running campaign where in the US claims that the equipment and devices manufactured by the Chinese tech company could be used by Chinese agencies to spy on Western countries including the US.  
All such allegations have been vehemently opposed and denied by Huawei on several occasions.
While not being pre-installed, the Facebook app can however be downloaded from Google Playstore by buyers of current Huawei phone models which would not come with pre-installed Facebook. But the problem is that any new model of Huawei smartphones would nit have access to Google Playstore and its apps, unless otherwise is decided by the US government, which would also mean that buyers of phones would not be able to access Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

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